Seller and Landlord Services

Our business model is designed to allow sellers to choose which services they need when selling their home. In a traditional setting, you are stuck paying your REALTOR® for services that you are capable of completing on your own. We provide the flexibility to accommodate all clients and every level of involvement.

– Scott only needs his listing uploaded to the Multiple List System and intends to take care of all media, marketing, contract, and settlement tasks.

– Jasmine prefers that we list, market, and provide both contract and settlement services, but does not need additional media.

– Carlos already has a buyer and wants us to review his contract only.

With so many different clients with different needs, there should be more variety in options available to sellers. Our goal is to provide options so that sellers aren’t paying for more than they need.

Scroll through our listing, media, marketing, contract, and settlement services to determine which are needed to help sell your home as efficiently as possible.


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