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The A La Carte options are perfect for those who only need a little help here and there, and don’t mind doing some of the work on their own. Browse through our services from listing to close to find the perfect fit for your needs. Contact us for any additional information.

Comparative Market Analysis

If you believe you have a handle on the pricing of your property, but want an experienced professional to independently verify neighborhood sales data and offer an educated value range, we will compare the size and features of your property with others that have sold or are currently on the market. In addition to providing you with sales data and offer a value estimate, we will provide you with a realistic expectation of market conditions including market saturation and average time on market.

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On-site Evaluation

The Pre-listing Evaluation is a two hour in-person visit to your home, during which a representative of will view the property and provide advice for required repairs, curb appeal, condition, staging, and value. While inspecting the property, we will assess what makes it unique, along with other details that will enhance the listing. We will also determine which forms, disclosures, and addenda are required by the state of Maryland for your home based on your location, form of ownership, and other factors.

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Listings within the Bright MLS reach over 220,000 REALTORS® in the Mid-Atlantic region. Bright covers 6 states, including Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia, in addition to Washington D.C. All REALTORS® in the Mid-Atlantic have access to Bright MLS, and therefore, your property. When agents search the database, your listing will appear in their searches, filtered by the required MLS form that was initially submitted. As the site is only accessible to REALTORS®, we offer the Listing Distribution service as a quick and easy way to upload your property to MLS and all associated personal real estate and brokerage sites.

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With the right eye for angles and details, our photographers will create vivid HDR photos of you home for prospective buyers to browse through during internet searches. We offer both daylight and twilight photography in order to showcase your home in its best light. All professional photos come with color correction, saturation, contrast, and level adjustments, and more.

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Virtual Staging

Service includes the addition of virtual furniture to an empty room photo. Different styles are available to match the features of your home – if you want a particular style, please specify during checkout. If you purchase a professional photography package with us, we will use those photos for editing. Otherwise, please upload your photos at the end of the transaction. Virtual staging is an incredible alternative to physical staging as it typically saves thousands of dollars over physical staging while still providing buyers with a “finished look” of the property.

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Contract Creation / Review

The contract of sale will be reviewed and/or negotiated depending on your selection. For unrepresented buyers, our agents will draft the contract of sale based on terms previously agreed upon by both parties.

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Home Inspection Repair Request Review

Once the buyer’s agent presents the repair requests, our experienced agents will either review the request and/or negotiate on your behalf, depending on the product selected. The buyer’s agent can include details from each inspection on the same repair request, or individual requests. We charge a flat fee for a single repair request, regardless of the number of inspections present in each.

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Transaction Management

Through the transaction management service, your transaction coordinator will be in communication with you (the seller), as well as the buyer’s agent, title company, inspectors, contractors, lenders, and all other parties regarding required forms and disclosures within the proper timeframe.

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Settlement Statement Review

Our experienced REALTORS® will review the settlement statement, making sure that all payments and fees are correct and distributed amongst the correct parties.

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Miscellaneous Services

Want something else specific to help with your listing, media, marketing, contract, or settlement needs? Contact us and we can help create the perfect tool to help you sell or lease your home. Pricing depends on the service and the required materials.

We can meet contractors, meet buyer’s agents for showings, create custom marketing campaigns, and more.

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