Flat Rate Home Sales

Real estate just got an upgrade

As Realtors, even we believe that paying a large commission to your agent just to sell your home is uneccesary and outdated. Let us provide a full service agency experience for you at a low fixed fee, or assist your For Sale By Owner (FSBO) and help you save even more.

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Sellers Have Been Paying Too Much To Sell Their Home

Since Realtors are rarely responsible for actually finding the buyer, their main responsibilities lie within the listing, marketing, and legal areas. This certainly does not require a 5-6% commission, which is why we decided to switch up the traditional model.

Did You know…

Only 5% of listing agents are responsible for finding the buyer for a property?

So why should they be paid a 2.5-3.5% listing fee out of your home’s equity?


Sellers Who Use a Listing Agent


Buyers Who Use A Buyer's Agent


Buyers Who Purchase a FSBO

*According to the National Association of Realtors

Our Solutions

We Offer Two Unique Alternatives To Combat Traditionally High Fees

From individual For Sale By Owner assistance to full service representation, we’ve got you covered.

For sale by owner

Helping The Consumer
Rather Than The Realtor

Our FSBO assistance caters to those who require limited help when selling their home (seller found a buyer on their own, has experience in real estate sales, doesn’t mind doing some of the legwork, etc) but want the security of having an experienced professional look over the important stuff before signing.

Full Service Package

 Or We Can Cover You
From Listing to Close

Want to take a hands-off approach to selling your home? We offer a full service listing package complete with everything you would expect from any traditional real estate agency, with one substantial difference – we limit your fee to only $4,999 plus buyer fee* paid at settlement. If the property doesn’t sell – you owe us nothing.


Buyer Fee

The buyer fee will be calculated one of two ways:

(1) If the buyer is represented by a buyer’s agent and seller has offered a “buyer agency co-op” which is standard in our industry, this fee is paid directly to the buyer’s agent at settlement.  This fee can range from as little as $1 to 3% or more of the purchase price. The buyer agency co-op amount is selected by the seller at time of listing.

(2) If the buyer is unrepresented, a buyer service fee in the amount of $3,500 will be added to the listing fee of $4,999 (for a total brokerage fee of $8,499) and will be paid to Flat Rate Home Sales at settlement.  This fee is necessary to compensate our team for the additional work required to assist the buyer with pre-authorization, loan application, title and escrow selection, as well as other necessary tasks.


How Much Can You Save
With Our Model?

Use the slider to determine how much you can save when you list your home with us through our Full Service listing or if you utilize our FSBO assistance. Savings are calculated based on a 5% total commission with a 2.5% buyer agent co-op.

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