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Contract review or creation with a negotiations option.

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If the buyer is working with a buyer’s agent, then that agent will draft the contract to be presented to the seller. However, if the the buyer is not working with a buyer’s agent, there are several ways to proceed:

  • You can draft the contract
  • The buyer can draft the contract
  • We can review the contract
  • We can draft the contract in its entirety, executing the contract from start to finish

Considering that the modern real estate contract and all addenda / disclosures averages about 40 pages, we recommend at least a review of the contract by an experienced real estate licensee to make sure you are not agreeing to terms that may come back to haunt you, but as always, you may choose to handle the contract process entirely on your own.

Contract Review: If the buyer is represented by an agent, they are responsible for drafting a contract of sale for the buyer. The completed offer will be sent to you for review and signage, which can be overwhelming at times. If this is the case, an experienced representative of can review the offer for you. We will ensure accuracy and completion and inform you if any required disclosures and addenda are missing. Additionally, we will provide our professional opinion on any terms so that you can negotiate your agreement with the buyer’s agent if need be.

Contract Creation: If the buyer has chosen not to be represented by a buyers agent, we will be happy to draft your contract from start to finish based on the terms buyer and seller have agreed upon, making sure to include all federal, state, and local disclosures as well as necessary addenda to protect your interest under the contract of sale.

Contract Negotiations: Contracts are detailed and long-winded documents that sometimes appear to be a clutter of words with no apparent meaning. On top of that, they can be over forty pages in length, and a lot to take in at once. If you prefer to have an experienced negotiator who has handled hundreds or even thousands of real estate transactions be your point of contact and negotiate on your behalf with with either a buyer or buyer’s agent, we offer a service package for this as well. For a few hundred dollars, you can remove yourself and your emotions from the equation. More than likely, one of our experienced negotiators will provide a financial benefit far in excess of the small fee we charge for this service.

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