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Real Estate Just Got An Upgrade

So you want to sell your home. As Realtors, even we believe that paying a large commission to your agent just to do so is uneccesary and outdated. Let us help sell your home at a low fixed fee guaranteed. 

A Look At The Numbers

The Average Real Estate Listing In Maryland

Average sale price and listing commission provided by BrightMLS. Average work hours provided by in-house reporting.


Work hours from list to sell


Sale price of a home


Listing agent rate


Listing agent commission

Using these statistics above, the average Realtor is making $250/hour.

According to the national association of realtors…

Listing Agents Find The Buyer In Only 5% Of All Transactions

88% of buyers use a buyer’s agent

7% of buyers buy a FSBO listing

Still think they’re worth $250/hour? We don’t.

Breaking The Process Down

What Are You Getting For That Commission?

First and foremost, your listing agent is a consultant – an advisor on home presentation, pricing, and contracts. They are also your advocate, negotiator, marketing coordinator, transaction manager, and part-time therapist. What they typically don’t do any longer is find you a buyer. What used to take hours and thousands of dollars in advertising can now be accomplished for free on the internet. So why are they being paid just as much?

Our Unique Solution

We Chose To Change

Our completely transparent fixed rate pricing model is fair to all parties. Why should you pay more to sell your home because it’s more valuable. Let’s face it, your listing agent is doing the same work for you as they are the seller whose house sells for half (and pays half as much in commission). Choose one or more services or select our bundle and experience a full service transaction – it’s entirely up to you.

Tailored To Your Needs

Custom Real Estate Options

When you list your home with us, you can purchase one aspect of the transaction, a bundle of all products, or anything in between, saving a considerable amount of money and stress each step of the way.

Remember full service travel agencies?

We Aren’t The First Industry To Change… And We Won’t Be The Last

When was the last time you called one of those? Now you go online, do a little work on your own and save yourself considerable money. That’s where the real estate industry is heading. We can either choose to change with it, or cling on to an outdated business model destined to fail.

How Much Can You Save?

Average Home Owners In Maryland Save Between $5,000 & $20,000 In Brokerage Fees

Use our slider to see how much you can save when you list your home with us.


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Ready To Start?

Sell Your Home The Right Way


Everything you need to prepare your home to sell.

List / Market

Display your home for buyers to see.


Make sure everything is legally correct and valid.


Keep track of the process and complete the sale.


Sell your home from start to finish – we do it all.

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