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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer buyer and seller services from start to finish. If you choose to buy each of the 5 buyer services or 12 seller services, you will receive a full service brokerage experience for a fraction of the traditional commission fee.

All contract and disclosure documents are completely legal, with all requirements included. 

You can always get free information from our partner site, If you need more assistance from a live agent, we can help you directly through our consultation service.

If you have signed a buyer’s or seller’s agreement with another Realtor, you cannot purchase one of our services, as you would need to sign an agreement with our brokerage.

Yes – all of our agents are licensed in Maryland and have plenty of local and professional experience in the areas they serve.

Congratulations! More than likely, you would benefit greatly from our virtual contract of sale, inspection request, negotiations, and/or settlement statement review to ensure you are properly covered. Even with purchasing all of our products, you will have huge savings!

All of our listing products terminate six months from the original listing date. You can cancel your listing at any time with 30 days written notice – provided all fees incurred by the seller are paid for.

You can always purchase our advising product which is billed per 15 minutes. Here, you can get any answers to questions that may have come up while completing the virtual documents. 

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