Advisors Not Salespeople

We're Not Here To Sell You A House–
We're Here to Assist When You Want To Buy One

Traditional Agents Vs. The Flat Rate

Same Services, More Cash In Your Pocket


Choose which services you can complete on your own & what you need help with

New Tech

Full trained AI chatbot & virtual document creation (available soon)


Instantly answer questions with our Ai chatbot or an experienced agent


Avoid steep commissions by paying a flat fee only for services you need

Your Savings

Our Unique Cost Savings Model

For decades, Sellers typically paid all agent commissions for both Seller and Buyer. Following  a recent lawsuit against the National Association of Realtors, this process has changed dramatically. Now, Sellers and Buyers will be responsible for paying their own agent’s fees. Our new model keeps that cost down, and you will only pay for the services you want and need.

Buyer Agency Rebate

Learn About The NAR Settlement Regarding Commissions and See How We May Be Able To Save You Thousands

Our Specialty

Complete Document Creation Using Tech Automation

When working with a Realtor, you’ll be asked a series of questions about the property and your offer. Our Virtual Agent ReVa is designed to do the same. Better still, ReVa doesn’t forget to ask a question. In fact, it auto populates many of the answers, pulling from public records, so your experience is more efficient and accurate.

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Get Started With A Brokerage Agreement

Under Maryland law, in order to work with any licensed real estate professional, you must sign a brokerage agreement – fill out the form  to start utilizing our services!

All Buyer Services

Connect With A Live Agent & See How We Can Help

Select & only pay for the services you need



Determine your needs as a buyer to make for a smooth experience



An in-depth evaluation of the fair market value of a property

Property Disclosures


Receive & review disclosures from listing agent

Showing Assistance


Contact the listing agent & accompany you on your showing

Contract Documents


Contract / inspection request creation, review, & negotiation

Settlement Review


Check for accuracy and ensure all fees match the contract

Free Tips on Buying A Home With or Without an Agent

Check out the free Proprdiy website or app providing step-by-step articles guiding you through the home selling process. Proprdiy also offers a full transaction management system to help you work through the process in complete control and communication.

The In's And Out's

Learn How To Buy A Home

by checking out our step-by-step process