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We make sure you get every dollar you are owed at settlement.

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Depending on your method of purchase, the title company will provide an associated settlement statement highlighting all dues and fees from both the buyer’s and seller’s ends. The seller’s statement is generally the final sale price of the home minus the settlement cost and other fees. Meanwhile, the buyer’s side shows the final sale price of the home, as well as downpayment, lender charges, and additional fees. On both sides of the sale, it is vital that every charge adds up and matches the remaining dues.

For a flat fee, our REALTORS® will review the title company’s settlement statement for both accuracy and to make sure all fees are outlined in the contract. Often, there will be fees on the seller’s side that are not in the contract, or that are the buyer’s responsibility to pay. When this or any other issue occurs, we will contact the title company to settle charges not indicated in the agreement. Frequently, we will be able to save you more money than you would spend on this service.

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